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Unlike other glass shops, East Bay Glass is a glass products, window and door manufacturer
Manufacturing - Oakland-based fabrication and testing facilities

Other glass, window and door shops who need to order replacement glass, windows and doors from other manufacturers, this slows the installation schedule. Plus this third-party process costs more! We manufacture custom-made glass products, windows and doors in our Oakland manufacturing facilities, saving time and money. Many of our certified products are tested and subjected to simulated wind, water and structural loads before they arrive on the job site.

Installation - We install custom-made glass products, windows and doors

When the manufacturer of glass, window and door products is also the installer, the installation goes smoother. Many other glass, window and door shops offer installation, but do not manufacture products themselves. A reseller has the potential for making considerable mistakes when ordering products from a third-party manufacturer, causing fitting problems in the field that can result in costly reorders, and added time to your installation. East Bay Glass strives for the perfect fit the first time.

Maintenance/Repairs - Same-day or night emergency service

Since 1926, East Bay Glass has responded instantly to emergency repairs, day and night. From commercial storefronts and residential towers, to office buildings and civic centers, we maintain and repair glass products, windows and doors for every type of application. We support and serve property maintenance managers, Homeowners Associations, building contractors and individual homeowners. Our mobile fleet serves both home and businesses quickly, and responds with a replacement or repair solution within one day.

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